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The last Saturday in October every year


PADDLE: Canoe or kayak from San Marcos City Park to Westerfield Crossing (6 miles).

RUN: Westerfield Crossing to Shady Grove Campground (7.2 miles) .

BIKE: Shady Grove Campground loop course (16.5 miles).


MEN'S TEAM - teams consist of two men: one must run, the other must bike, and they must both paddle together in the same canoe. Canoes are limited to those fitting USCA specifications: 18 1/2' max. length, width 4" waterline must be at least 14 3/8% of length. Single-blade paddles only; one USCG approved PFD per person must be in the canoe. Pumps, bailers, and covers are allowed, rudders are not allowed. Awards to 6th place.

WOMEN'S TEAM - Same as above, but limited to women only. Awards to 3rd place.

MIXED TEAM - Same as above, but teams must consist of one male and one female. Awards to 3rd place.

MEN'S SOLO - Consisting of one male who must canoe or kayak, run, and bike. Any type of muscle powered, one-person watercraft permitted. A USCG approved PFD must be in the boat. Awards to 6th place.

WOMEN'S SOLO - Same as above, but limited to women only. Awards to 3rd place.

MASTER’S - Special recognition to first finishers in each class meeting the age 40 requirement as of race day. This is not a class that you enter.

Fastest Split Awards - Special recognition to the fastest splits: Run (male and female regardless of class); Bike (male and female regardless of class); Paddler (one team from each class listed above excluding Masters).

Directions to San Marcos City Park from IH-35

Exit Hwy 80 from IH-35 and turn west. (Right if traveling from Austin, left if coming from San Antonio). Cross the railroads tracks twice. Turn right onto Bobcat Lane at the light. Cross over the railroad tracks again and immediately turn left. Follow this road, parallel to the railroad tracks to a sharp right turn, then left into the San Marcos City Park parking lot.

Directions to Shady Grove Campground from IH-35

Exit Hwy 80 from IH-35 and turn east. (Left if traveling from Austin, right if from San Antonio.) Continue on Hwy 80 to Martindale. Pass through the blinking yellow light. Turn right on FM 1979. Continue on FM 1979 until you cross the San Marcos River. Turn left just past the bridge into Shady Grove Campground.

Registration & Race Briefing

All team members must attend the registration at Shady Grove Campground at 8 a.m. At that time race numbers will be assigned and the course reviewed. Solo entrants and teams without team support may wish to leave their bikes at Shady Grove Campground at this time.

Starting Time

There will be two race starts with one being at 10 a.m. and one at 10:10 a.m. at San Marcos City Park. Starting places and times will be determined by class.

Awards & Meal – usually around 2 p.m. at Shady Grove Campground

Course Description

Canoe - Start at San Marcos City Park. ¼ after the start is Rio Vista dam. Portage left, right or thru the slot in the center. After a couple of turns past the IH-35 bridge, the river splits over an old concrete dam. Go right over the concrete or continue in the river left past the concrete till you reach River Road. If you have chosen the left river course you must take out on the concrete walkway. Portage on the right side of the road and put back in the river just above the bridge. If you had chosen to go over the concrete dam, you will eventually go under the same river bridge as those who chose to go left. At 4 ½ miles is the confluence of the San Marcos and Blanco rivers. Turn right then left towards Cummins Dam 400 yards downstream. There will be a mandatory portage around Cummins Dam on the right. Portage on the portage trail or lower boat over the dam. Finish line of the canoe leg is ~ 1 mile from Cummins Dam. Pull out above the bridge at Westerfield on the right.

Run starts when you boat reaches Westerfield bridge. Continue right from the river takeout uphill on County Rd 266 for 1.5 miles. Turn left on Hwy 621 at the top of the hill. Continue on Hwy 621 for 4.5 miles. Turn left on Hwy 1979. Continue on Hwy 1979 for 1.5 miles to the run leg finish line at Shady Grove Campground. Caution: The run course is NOT closed to traffic and is almost all rolling hills.

Bike from Shady Grove Campground back up Hwy 1979. Turn left on Hwy 621. Right on Hwy 3353. Right on Hwy 1979. Right on Hwy 621. Right on Hwy 1979 back to Shady Grove. This is a loop course and is almost all rolling hills with only about 4 miles of relatively flat road. Helmets are required. The race course is NOT closed to traffic and you must follow all traffic laws.

The race sponsors do not provide canoes or bikes. You are responsible for your own canoe and bike at all times. It is recommended that you have team support.